Sinless Regret

Written by Cason Wagner

As you struck me down,

Or as We’ve fallen…. The ground looked softer than ever.  Pillars piled, screams of child, hold their hand and just smile.

Strike my back, the licks of cows, faint of breath. Just keep that smile. Hold their hands for a longer while.

Need not know of pain, until it’s done we shall be friends. Like thee, hold thy hands. A strife of blessings, a blessing so short,  Happy but sad–Welcome back my boy.

Listen for laughter, for laughter is magic.


A magician, with no happy ever after. Too shall hold thy hands, see no pain through windows formed by man.

Thee stated, hold their hands and smile for thee. An illusion of the sea for sight.

Please breathe.

A Last Piece

Don’t know what to say

Yes child, never gone but unseen. Like the wind in your ear.

Truly the whisper, bitter like his tea.

“Fear is an illusion”

What other illusion thy soaked in,

Unfortunate relapse

“It’s back”

Another prelude or an End.

Sit and watch as The Fallen commence.

C. B Wagner