Night of Days

Written by C.B Wagner

Do you fantasize? Elevating thoughts? parodic fancied deliberations?

Have you imagined being the breeze, suffocation unseen.

Be to your will like a thief in the night.
Your day spent like the kites–Below,  blades of grass your mighty fans

–to parallel waves sink you in.
Perished in your parade. Avoided by despair, avoided by love, figures greatest fear.

Covered in grace, like the moment of skipping stones–Across the grave or a slow drop alone. A bottom awaits, for time will tell…
New waters in dry land, a time for wet sand.

In time wet stones will dry again,

soar high then higher under the sight of all, that’s how you would spend your evenings, full of tumbles and falls.
A night like a day, paradise beyond fantasy, soft whispers fuel to ears;  silent cheers full of ecstasy, like teens all known is please.

Just wait a little bit longer. Hope you don’t mind, we tend to play mother and father.
Please see,
beyond the peak, look a little bit further. You tossed a stone across the sea.


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