Road of Desperados


soundless twirls;

Levity, uncharted heights

unreached. Wary it is. If seek,

itself more than enough…

A dead leaf from the tree,

occupied by greed

turned to


Run to us

Thrilling for parlay

Desperados pitiful parades.

Rot away, grow arrogance.

Your next rulers of days

the next days, everyday

full of plays. Says

tiring, nights

to retire.


Ruler of clocks

The Ticking–and Tock.

an occurrence, reoccurring

emptiness. Tickled to soul.

Time for descent,

clear this room,

On to the next,

leave of presence.

Charmers come in three.

They repent. Came, no rooms left.

So alone–again.

A long note for empty love never sent.

Twisted ends untie again

“Burn Them”

Now clueless.

Waters are rising.

C. B Wagner


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