Endings–more fascination there rather it’s counterpart.

Whether it’s ease or the fear that consumes, but invokation of carnage is not implied.

The gist of this tune is that mysteries fuel us.

We just want to know…

you know?

We think of what we want, we see what we want, and we go get it– Limited not to motive but desire.

Just imagine a glass of lemonade, the drip of sweetness splashing the uncontrollable as each taste bud battles a roaring wave of arousal. For a tough battle–but a sweet ending.

What about a banana, Not for its appeal, but from delight peeling–to the first bite, For wholes at home, however in sight–in piece…or for I tend to berries.

In reject did thee slip on a peel to the garden.

NOT “The Garden”–though it was a lovely garden. One that I now can’t see…..For it was a peel that set me free.

So do you ladies and gentlemen see?

So confused, I do love.

By terms I am a new dove, For white I am not–but black you may see.

So confused, so confuse how it may seem.

Too bad

Lovely thoughts–

Years of these for rulers get tired. Beliefs lost, no religion he claims. So mistaken you are–As he has faith tamed.

Names, NAMES, Names

–Associated with being..

Yes. This is me the speaker of two…or three..

Dreadful–My thoughts switched. For a new a peephole to seek.

For creeps not.

Rules to we all agree.

Tired–meaningless to you,

lets leave sullen, Too soundlessly.

Literal is hard–So the tears don’t fall

–up they go….So free unlike thee.

Asked, Who’s tired? 

Yes an ending

now sleep.


I REPEAT– Yes, but more like a track.

To a rhythmic tap…but it really was….

“Now Fall”



Downward for gravity…Unseen but real, let it worry for guidance. Currents for wind.


Mistaken for praise, for laughs are blades, too incisions cause no pain.


Tilted neck for shame–a barrier, meaning lost in random.

Shackled with freedom, idol thoughts lost in the wind,

Hushed for pride so a selfless bid.

As nothing floats, neither

wind–nor current.


 Back to the beginning.

A hopeless end.

C. B Wagner





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