For no One

Afraid of the dreams, dreams of dreams in my forgotten memories.

Romeo to Juliet as I to no one, but It all snatched away.

“Dig it and crawl, I can reach you, but I wont”

Full of false hope–Grudges settle.

Warm run across the surface

Now immortality equals immobility,

Failed for sorry, as fresh apologies sails rest.

Dancing on the precipice of the misunderstood, Mistaken.

Pain but not physical, a lost or full of regret

No. Now lost and searching…

His ink black to red–for a disease still burdened him.

For terms of limitation–Only one can be read,

As each thought is temporary to thee

a thousands messages are sent.


The smile is the closing curtain.

True, no sense comes from first sight

So let your imagination cut your perception–

For what’s out of context, deception marks as opportunity.

So cruel

Though, A fool was born.

Deceived I am,

the smell of roses…Wreak

but I am stuck here. 

C. B Wagner

I thank and appreciate everyone for hearing this piece of me.



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