100 Endings: Rose’s Falling(small intro)

I hate names….titles…subjugating references, things that give vacuous classifications to be specific.

I’m not bipolar by the way– or by common thought and procedure I haven’t been diagnosed with it. You are reading his thoughts, or rather I’m telling them to you–just if you were feeling a little confused. BUT each piece of this body is a puzzle and that is no riddle….or it wasn’t suppose to be, but “split he did” and blah blah blah, “The Rose at the bottom of the pit”.

Is me.out_of_the_dark__by_whackeyjackie

A metaphor of course but cold and alone I was, I wasn’t always there. Memories I do have.Of course I am no ghost. Yes, I possess flesh like you and him but what you don’t see you don’t believe but I am we to him, but there’s us..99 more.

Memories still fresh, yes–An almost moonless night with deceiving bodies lurking, So aroused I was–I can remember the question asked to me that day…It just stood out.

“If you could have anything in the world instantly, what would it be?”.

A question we all wished to be asked and served our desire. This strangely enticing man asked,But I cared not for questions but lust fueled me for the night an eves night, the man was my desire but faintly  a mere reminisce left….but not I found ,only a new emptiness…


A composed being I must, for rose I am……..To be continued

C. B Wagner

For new Preluders or if you just haven’t read my piece  “A Rose For Hope“, it’ll help with this piece, so feel free to take a look.


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