The Depth

Coke Whore Hippie

The spells you casted were poetry, I choked on your pretty lies;gasping for air to breathe again, close your eyes and I’ll close mine. A prisoner inside your dark garden; you were starving for my innocence. Black rose, I cut you with my thorns; now I swallow your secrets as evidence. Amusing your sinister fantasies, I became your love story of fiction; you pulled my wide-eyed rag doll strings and became my sickest addiction. Strangled by your serpent tongue, virgin blood soils your teeth; Stockholm syndrome, incarcerated heart, I was the prey, vulnerable and weak. A hostage of your warped notions, my ignorance truly was bliss; your ruthless demands, my moonless cult leader, you hit me and it felt like a kiss. Darling you make hating you easy, for you I would’ve laid down and died; unravel my stitches, burning our bridges, tell me, was it all just a lie?…

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