About a Truck

Can’t say he was waiting patiently for a truck.

Contain and refine and yourself..unlike a flame –he said.

A path that has caused too much pain and set too much ablaze .

“Just listen” he was told..

So rare but too common and unknown, A fire that needed to settle and torch..

Have you had a bad itch, a good itch,

An itch so irresistible ,but bayed and postponed…..?

A barrier within broke down..


For that small destruction allowed growth….revealing much…

that man is only limited to himself not his creations.


So help him, For that cup of water is not enough.


So we shall all spit on the fire together..

..for it was his truck he saw

as he waited.

C. B Wagner

I Thank and Appreciate you all for taking your time and reading

a piece of me.


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