Born Under The Moon: Zo Daka(The Meaning)

An End, So Bitter

but sweet.

Such a shame,

but so astonishing,

The end is written.

“Hello Boy.”

Yes, His soul torn.

“Scattered we are.”

The Pieces gather in reconciliation.

“As gone like he, Nothing left..”

” Though… all heeded, he laid.”

The Warmth–he loved

this summer light.

Dimmed, “but burning

“we sat..””

So cold the flames.

“The Emptiness.”

“ALL is one”

That Call…

So…–All was complete.

“Let him speak.”


“as we weep.”

The end is written

with that Red and Black Ink.

It was a Boy.

Zo Daka is complete.

For it’s now The Fall

Yes,Time to Sleep.

My Boy.


C. B Wagner

As always, I Thank and Appreciate Everyone for hearing this cry.


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