Silver, Sliver, Slice:Roots of a Pie


A piece of him–A piece of them–A piece of her.


Not a king–Fortunate princes–Our queens…


Run–Lungs to feathers–Ashes to dust.


Body of many–Seek enough–Time for now.

The Fall.

Endings saw–The many sought.


Piece of pie–Life of sorrow.


Bright tomorrow–Worse to better

Empty–to borrowed.


C. B Wagner

I Thank and Appreciate Everyone as always for hearing a piece of me.


Comfortless in Seclusion

If my body limbs and pens could talk to me, I suppose there wouldn’t be any loneliness.

Just alone with thoughts and that extra word or two. I hate remembering,

because of the Destitute; Not in I but….

Only memories were of me alone,  just a reminder that this isn’t a poem.

Those sweet cartoons like Clifford and Caillou. It’s crazy because I really will and do miss all of you.

*A note to self – his heart still beats.*

C. B Wagner

For no One

Afraid of the dreams, dreams of dreams in my forgotten memories.

Romeo to Juliet as I to no one, but It all snatched away.

“Dig it and crawl, I can reach you, but I wont”

Full of false hope–Grudges settle.

Warm run across the surface

Now immortality equals immobility,

Failed for sorry, as fresh apologies sails rest.

Dancing on the precipice of the misunderstood, Mistaken.

Pain but not physical, a lost or full of regret

No. Now lost and searching…

His ink black to red–for a disease still burdened him.

For terms of limitation–Only one can be read,

As each thought is temporary to thee

a thousands messages are sent.


The smile is the closing curtain.

True, no sense comes from first sight

So let your imagination cut your perception–

For what’s out of context, deception marks as opportunity.

So cruel

Though, A fool was born.

Deceived I am,

the smell of roses…Wreak

but I am stuck here. 

C. B Wagner

I thank and appreciate everyone for hearing this piece of me.


Contrition of a Boy

Dance with me one last time, in my shadows you sit so fine.

The decade of regret pierced through my neck, I lost my voice..

so dear please know….

I do.

I have regret.

A leave but unmoved, sat and cried I did–

..For you,

The Relapse and Bibbing..

Now rain and let thee melt,

the shadow once filled with loyalty,

no more but a martyr of fear and fur.

but nothing could replace the place..

by my side you sat.

I have regret,

You were my first, but not my last.

C. B Wagner

I Thank and Appreciate Everyone for hearing this cry.

Destitute in I: Zo Daka


The words spill out–a mockery it felt, nobody asked but laughed.

I am all alone.

Every situation has  it’s choices,


I am alone.

If you want my literal terms, then YES. The breath is equal to billions but the beat is dead to the rhythm.

I AM ALONE.dark_room_by_ikiz

A boy born to understand what he did not want, That voice….

it wasn’t there before, “who are you?”

“we are here boy”

I have You……Myself, Us, We.

The emptiness,  I’ve Been falling….with you, with myself..



I am lost but not gone, here my voice not my echo.

C. B Wagner


I Thank and Appreciate Everyone for hearing this cry.




Lost in The Ending


A Promise, something that lost its demeanor before my years,

But a promise to self, that insist a larger scale.

For endings are tough and hard,

“Yes,you made a promise”

peace and freedom

to be in sync,


C. B Wagner

His Epilogue:

Yes, endings are hard, but truly things never end, Right?

but even so,

Everything knows limit in this world, and that not limited to our minds.

–At least until you step out of line..

but not unruly of course..

without bind.

Convenience of My Creation

Surrounded by Fake.

I’m not talking drama and gossip BUT THE WHISPERS I HEAR.

Yes I can hear it all, before the fall it was so perfect, damn it.

I can’t remember any of it, neither can you, momentarily I not alone…

so its not I but us.

“so asked we “

what happened?

If I hit the ground of course I would know,

so why are we still falling?

“who knows.”

C. B Wagner

As always I  Thank and Appreciate all of you for reading a piece of me.

Bow of Deception

Lead I to a sunken place.

I want it torched and branded.

Bitter covered in sweetness


Aggrivated you sense

       I don’t know….

All learned from representatives.

              I know…

Fire in my heart

For no purifier;

For set me free,

From my desires.

                  Asked the Lords forgiveness.

For my curses….

C. B Wagner

Not a part of “The Bow”:

I Appreciate–and Thank you all, as always for reading a piece of me..A new state to you, For you see evil I am not…but pissed are we.