Loneliness split one to many, Confused and stuck…

Motivated to embellish but you can’t make shit look pretty….can you?

Doenst matter.. Ears are tunnels so let nonsense run through.

Though fights aren’t  really fights without a victor. That victor will stand alone on the podium..Losers paradise.

–To an equal crowd the loser faced in bed.

C. B Wagner


Unfortunate Tune

Heartily not.
Listen to see, but you won’t, regardless
whether all rest for free, feel my pain before – We are now ordained for I say feel my pain.
Dwindle on as they sip their tea,
and kindle bonds to stoop matrimony. Leashed, Yet –
we whom are sleep. Not woke, just belief.
Feel no distress as it was all for a gain.
Feel my pain
Feel your pain
Point no blame, never here.
Mostly there, with us deer, here.
No mistake, belief shift from faith.
No belief of fate, Not in I but you.
If forsake just ignorance,
Us deer to blame.
We complain,

same mistakes.

Same tune different tone this age.

– C. B. Wagner

Road of Desperados


soundless twirls;

Levity, uncharted heights

unreached. Wary it is. If seek,

itself more than enough…

A dead leaf from the tree,

occupied by greed

turned to


Run to us

Thrilling for parlay

Desperados pitiful parades.

Rot away, grow arrogance.

Your next rulers of days

the next days, everyday

full of plays. Says

tiring, nights

to retire.


Ruler of clocks

The Ticking–and Tock.

an occurrence, reoccurring

emptiness. Tickled to soul.

Time for descent,

clear this room,

On to the next,

leave of presence.

Charmers come in three.

They repent. Came, no rooms left.

So alone–again.

A long note for empty love never sent.

Twisted ends untie again

“Burn Them”

Now clueless.

Waters are rising.

C. B Wagner

Night of Days

Written by C.B Wagner

Do you fantasize? Elevating thoughts? parodic fancied deliberations?

Have you imagined being the breeze, suffocation unseen.

Be to your will like a thief in the night.
Your day spent like the kites–Below,  blades of grass your mighty fans

–to parallel waves sink you in.
Perished in your parade. Avoided by despair, avoided by love, figures greatest fear.

Covered in grace, like the moment of skipping stones–Across the grave or a slow drop alone. A bottom awaits, for time will tell…
New waters in dry land, a time for wet sand.

In time wet stones will dry again,

soar high then higher under the sight of all, that’s how you would spend your evenings, full of tumbles and falls.
A night like a day, paradise beyond fantasy, soft whispers fuel to ears;  silent cheers full of ecstasy, like teens all known is please.

Just wait a little bit longer. Hope you don’t mind, we tend to play mother and father.
Please see,
beyond the peak, look a little bit further. You tossed a stone across the sea.

Hole in a Wall


Build a drama for a closing curtain,

In act of empty sincereness .

As awoke you were to the same fear–but endless.


Just waiting for it–only thunder.

Mocked for the ending

Rather in line,

Walking but shot and stabbed–yet still whole.

Possessed the weapon for selfdemise–or for rule…


C. B Wagner

As always I Thank and Appreciate you All for hearing this cry.

Fear of Fallen Trees: TaForės

New Order | New fears

That weeping tree, hacked as sap leaks

The fallen leaves | Gray from green

Trifled  with greed, please fancy me

Spoken but unheard | Voice needed not

Fallen but unburied, great hope rots

Beautiful essence | The unknown

Repented for regret, lovely tones

Old world | Fallen tears

Rose pentad……

-its there.

C. B Wagner

As always I Thank and Appreciate Everyone for hearing this cry, and hope you enjoy this piece of me…


 Endings–more fascination there rather it’s counterpart.

Whether it’s ease or the fear that consumes, but invokation of carnage is not implied.

The gist of this tune is that mysteries fuel us.

We just want to know…

you know?

We think of what we want, we see what we want, and we go get it– Limited not to motive but desire.

Just imagine a glass of lemonade, the drip of sweetness splashing the uncontrollable as each taste bud battles a roaring wave of arousal. For a tough battle–but a sweet ending.

What about a banana, Not for its appeal, but from delight peeling–to the first bite, For wholes at home, however in sight–in piece…or for I tend to berries.

In reject did thee slip on a peel to the garden.

NOT “The Garden”–though it was a lovely garden. One that I now can’t see…..For it was a peel that set me free.

So do you ladies and gentlemen see?

So confused, I do love.

By terms I am a new dove, For white I am not–but black you may see.

So confused, so confuse how it may seem.

Too bad

Lovely thoughts–

Years of these for rulers get tired. Beliefs lost, no religion he claims. So mistaken you are–As he has faith tamed.

Names, NAMES, Names

–Associated with being..

Yes. This is me the speaker of two…or three..

Dreadful–My thoughts switched. For a new a peephole to seek.

For creeps not.

Rules to we all agree.

Tired–meaningless to you,

lets leave sullen, Too soundlessly.

Literal is hard–So the tears don’t fall

–up they go….So free unlike thee.

Asked, Who’s tired? 

Yes an ending

now sleep.


I REPEAT– Yes, but more like a track.

To a rhythmic tap…but it really was….

“Now Fall”



Downward for gravity…Unseen but real, let it worry for guidance. Currents for wind.


Mistaken for praise, for laughs are blades, too incisions cause no pain.


Tilted neck for shame–a barrier, meaning lost in random.

Shackled with freedom, idol thoughts lost in the wind,

Hushed for pride so a selfless bid.

As nothing floats, neither

wind–nor current.


 Back to the beginning.

A hopeless end.

C. B Wagner




Dripping Dream

Fallen tears over nothing, So worthless. A puppet with no strings, meadows green rotting to a druid breeze.

Broken mirror enticing ,’SO FUCKING DARING’, one night full of light…’can you hear me?’

Today better than tomorrow as yesterday fell off its horse. Two flicks and nudge and we are there–Now extinguish your torch,

For this dark does shine and this light does quit.

with little pride and much too wit..

failure for accomplishment.

C. B Wagner